Damn Facebook

Due to the Facebook data breach they without any warning have disabled API access as of April 4, 2018 to their Events and Groups feeds. Because of this the ‘807events‘ Facebook group feed is unavailable on our site.

Broken Facebook

This could not of come at a worst time as of the beginning of April 807events.com had just switched over to using Facebook group instead of using our own event post system. This is another prime example why it is unwise to rely solely on Facebook for your published content.

In the meantime you will have to go directly to Facebook to view theĀ ‘807events‘ Facebook group/event feed. As for this site we have re-open the events posts on this site and hopefully users will start posting events directly on our site again. We have added a share feature so now posts on our site can be shared to the Facebook event/group (also Facebook page/timeline, Twitter and Google+).

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