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Thank you for visiting our site. This site is all about posting/sharing events that are happening in the Northwestern Ontario Canada area. This site is part of the network (a group of sites that interact with each other).

BTW: If looking for events in the Thunder Bay area, please visit the site at the network.

Posting an Event

Please use the ‘Post Event’ link/button and post your event. What you don’t have one to post? Then find someone that does and get him/her to do it.  😉  Seriously, please spread the word about this site to those that are hosting events, it’s free and no registration required.

Oh BTW if you going to be posting events regularly (at least once a year or more), please contact us and we’ll set you up with a user account. This will allow you access to more goodies (tools) to enhance your event post (date/time settings, location mapping, etc.).

One other thing, if your event is in the Thunder Bay area please use the site.

Hey! Thanks for reading this and hope you’ll see even more upcoming events listed at your next visit.

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