Why is Thunder Bay Separate?

You are probably wondering why Thunder Bay events are posted on a different site and not here?

There are at least couple of reasons:

First is because of scope, Thunder Bay is a large city with lot of stuff going on. If we were to include Thunder Bay events it would dominate all the listings and make it difficult for people looking for events outside of Thunder Bay yet still within the 807/NWO area. If people are looking for something to do in Kenora or Dryden or Sioux Lookout, then they can go here and browse. If they are looking for something in Thunder Bay (and surrounding area) then they can browse the other site without having to weed out the other listings.

Second is because we already have a Thunder Bay Event site (we had ThunderBayEvents.ca before the 807events.com site). And if we had the same Thunder Bay event posts here on this site and the other, search engines would penalize both sites for duplicate content (just can’t win). Also the┬áThunderBayEvents.ca site is part of the ThunderBay.XYZ network and this site is part of the NWO.ca network.

What do you mean by network?

Our websites are connected in a way that they share the same user-base and data. So if you use one site in the network, then you have access to all the sites and the information within that network. For example if you did a network search, you could cross-reference posts/content from all the sites within. Also you would not have to re-register on each and every site in the network.

By networking (combining) the sites together it saves resources and makes things a little more convenient for the admin and the users.

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